Date Night at Chevys


This is a sponsored post.

My husband recently started a new job, which put us back on the same schedule after a little over a year of juggling our calendars to try and see each other. And yet, we still hadn’t managed to get an actual date night on the books!

That is until destiny – we’ll call it Chevys – came knocking on my inbox.

We booked the babysitter and off we went.

Full disclosure, I tend not to eat at a ton of chain places like Chevys. Living so close to Manhattan, it’s hard to justify not trying a new restaurant every single time we go out to eat. But who am I to turn down an invitation? I can happily say that both the food and overall experience were a pleasant surprise.

The place was surprisingly busy for a Wednesday night, and that was likely because of their $2 margarita special. Naturally, we started with a couple of drinks ourselves. I had the frozen strawberry daiquiri with whipped cream, and my husband took advantage of the margarita deal, ordering one on the rocks with salt.


Our server recommended that we kick off our meal with the table-side guacamole. They are not messing around. She literally peeled avocados (organic ones from Trader Joe’s, no less) and squeezed limes at the table, mashing the blend with a fork along with some chopped onion and tomato. I generally prefer my guac a little smoother, but she did her best for me, and it was definitely delicious.


Throw in some of the best tortilla chips I’ve had in a while (two baskets, please), and it didn’t stand a chance!

For our entrees, we knew we wanted to try things from the Summer Chef Selections menu.

Our chefs hand-rub the finest brisket with a special blend of spices and braise it for hours until succulent and tender. They are excited to present these special dishes to you…

Thank you, chefs! My husband went with the Brisket Tacos and I enjoyed the Brisket ‘Dillas. You don’t typically think of brisket on an otherwise pretty traditional Mexican menu, but both items were SO tasty!



In my mind, no meal is complete with dessert. I’ll admit that my usual go-to is a warm brownie sundae (which they have), but instead we went the buñuelos – little fried balls of dough sprinkled in cinnamon sugar to be dipped in one of three yummy sauces.


To top off a delicious meal, the service was on point! Even though I spoke to the hostess for all of two minutes upon our arrival, something in me felt like we were friends. I almost went in for a hug on my way out the door! And our server, Yaxeni, was so great. By the end of our meal we knew that she cried the first time she dropped a tray and that she was actually studying to be a pastry chef – super endearing and SUPER good at her job.

Overall, we had a really great meal and a really great date night in general.

What about you? Have you been to any great restaurants lately? Any other chains I should revisit? How about locally owned favorites?

If you’re in the NJ area, and are in as dire need of a date night as I was, I’d love to help! Follow the link below to enter for your chance to win a FREE dinner for two at Chevys Fresh Mexplease note the prize is only valid at the Clifton, NJ and Linden, NJ locations.

Sorry – this giveaway is now closed.


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