The First Day of School


When I was little, I always got very excited for the first day of school. It always felt like a fresh start and a chance to reinvent yourself if you so chose. As it turns out, not too much has changed since then. Don’t understand what I mean?

Disney always knows how to tug at my heartstrings, and that commercial (over a decade old) was no exception. It’s also a pretty good illustration for how I felt pretty much every night before the first day of school. I always had my outfit picked out the night before and had the hardest time falling asleep because of a delightful blend of excitement and anxiety.

So, what is it about that first day that feels so special? As a kid, most of the time, you’ll still be seeing the same people you saw the year prior. And as an adult, well, it’s just another Monday morning, isn’t it? Maybe not.

It’s a fresh start.

The first day of school (whether you’re actually in school or not) feels like a new beginning. Behind the New Year, it’s the next best time to get in gear on those resolutions. People tend to (re-)kick off diets and workout plans, or try that new look (red lipstick, anyone?) they always wanted to try.

It’s a clean slate.

On a related note, a new school year also feels like the right time to leave the past behind. With a new start comes forgiveness and maybe a little more grace than at other times of the year. And that goes both ways! It’s time to make amends and take on a new year without any old animosities.

It’s a new year.

Well, kind of. There’s something about the fall that makes us feel like anything is possible. The start of a new school year is often also the start of lots of other things. Even when you’re long out of school like me, there are classes to take and things to learn, and the fall just feels like the time to jump in.

Maybe it’s the excitement of being back in a school setting, the energy coming off of students as they arrive back on campus. It could just be the school supplies! Whatever it is, the first day of school is just another reason why fall is my favorite season of all.

I’m working on another bucket list to tackle in the coming months, and it will likely include some of the same fun things as last year…plus a few new things for good measure. Stay tuned for the 2016 edition coming soon.

Any ideas for me? Things I left off last year’s Fall Bucket List that I have to be sure to include this time around? What do YOU love about the fall and the first day of school?



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