Fall TV LineUp


For any TV-watcher, fall is an exciting time. It heralds the return of old favorites, as well as brings the excitement for all the new shows trying to lure us in. As a recovering TV-aholic, I try to limit the number of shows I’m watching. This season, after wading through all the newcomers that piqued my interest, it breaks down to about one hour of (new) television each night.

Hey, I said I’m recovering. It’s a process!

Here’s a breakdown of all my favorite shows for the Fall 2016 season…

The way my schedule works out, I tend to be in bed pretty early – usually by 10:00pm. Unfortunately, quite a few of my favorite shows are on after that. It has worked out though, since one of the best inventions of modern technology is the DVR.

I try to watch shows live whenever I can (because I will definitely read spoilers otherwise), but have all of my late-night favorites recorded. So, at most, I’m only a day or two behind.



Quantico (DVR – Saturday, 10pm, ABC)
At some point last fall, I found myself a little bored in the TV department. I hadn’t really gotten into many new shows and my watch schedule had some gaps in it. So, I decided to look around and see what new shows were available for me to jump into and get caught up on quickly. That’s how I found Quantico. It’s a fun, twisty, action-packed drama…and the cast ain’t hard on the eyes either!


Saturday Night Live (DVR – Saturday, 11:30pm, NBC)
What can I say? I started watching SNL regularly when I was in college. It’s had its ups and downs over the years, but we still can’t not watch. In case you have recently arrived from another planet, Saturday Night Live is a (live) sketch comedy show that features a new celebrity host and musical guest every week. The recent Tom Hanks/Lady Gaga episode had both me and my husband rolling on the floor, and this presidential election has proven to be a gold mine for the writers this season.



This Is Us (Live-ish* – Tuesday, 10pm, NBC)
This had quickly become my absolute favorite new show. We’re only five episodes in, so I won’t share anything too spoiler-y, but here’s the description available online.

Jack and his wife — who is very pregnant with triplets — have just moved into their new home in Pittsburgh. Successful and handsome television actor Kevin is growing increasingly bored with his bachelor lifestyle. Randall — who was abandoned at a fire station by his father as an infant — is a stylish New York-based businessman working to raise two daughters with his wife, Beth. These people are among a group — several of whom share a birthday — of seemingly random individuals whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways.

There’s still time to get caught up…



Survivor (Live – Wednesday, 8pm, CBS)
One of the OG reality shows, Survivor premiered in 2000 and recently launched its 33rd season. As with any long-running show, not every season has knocked it out of the park, but, man, the ones that do are pretty amazing. This season’s theme is “Millennials vs. Gen X,” and for someone born in 1980, it’s fascinating to see who you find yourself rooting for. At the end of the day, it really is all about who can outwit, outplay, and outlast everyone else, regardless of the season’s theme. Every season is just different enough that it never gets boring.



Younger (DVR – Wednesday, 10pm, TV Land)
That’s right folks; I enjoy a show that airs on TV Land. How do you think that makes me feel? Well, old…at first. Younger is a fun 30-minute dramedy that makes all my almost-middle-aged fantasies come true. The show centers around Liza, a 40 year-old divorcee who passes herself off as 26 to land a job after being out of the workforce for a while. PLUS, it stars the delightful Sutton Foster — known for Bunheads before this, and a whole lot of amazing theater before that.



How to Get Away with Murder (DVR – Thursday, 10pm, ABC)
What’s the best way for me to explain this? To give you an idea of what kind of show this is, let me just say that I spend most of the hour watching either tightly gripping a pillow or biting my nails…and I don’t even bite my nails! Shonda Rhimes strikes again, and How to Get Away with Murder is that good. It’s currently in its third season, and the first two are available to stream on Netflix. Go. Watch. Now.


Whatever… Saturday night is wide open for me as far as TV goes. If we don’t have something more fun going on as a family, the TV will usually end up on either Disney Junior (so much Disney Junior), HGTV (I’m still working on our angle to get on Property Brothers. Anyone know anyone?), or reruns of Friends or Modern Family. The old peepers are usually ready for a break from the screen at this point anyway. So, you might event catch me crack open a book!



Once Upon a Time (Live – Sunday, 8pm, ABC)
Oh, Once Upon a Time, what am I going to do with you? If I’m being completely honest, this is a show that I started watching from the beginning, and now feel too committed to give up on. It’s always interesting to see how they continually weave more stories into the bigger one, but they can be hit or miss. I could have probably done without the trip to Neverland (though the Peter Pan reveal was pretty cool), and the entire villains season was a bit much. Don’t event get me started on Dark Emma. But we’re six seasons in, and it’s going to take something truly awful for me to quit now.

And there you have it, a peek into my TV watching. Now, I’m not trying to add any shows to this schedule…but I’m always curious. What are you watching? Any must-watch shows that I left out?

I mean, there are always those few weeks in between seasons…


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