Bookstore Date Night


One of those New Year’s Resolutions that gets made and subsequently broken by many a married couple is the institution of a regular date night. I think the ultimate goal is weekly, but quite frankly I have no idea how people can commit to that. My husband and I have a current goal to make it out on a real date once a month.

Beyond that, we’ve also made an unspoken agreement to switch things up a little. Don’t get me wrong – we both LOVE going out to dinner and trying new restaurants. But after being together for over twelve years, we’ve done that a lot. So, for our most recent date night, we decided to get a little creative.

After grabbing a quick bite (hey, we still have to eat), we headed over to our local Barnes & Noble for a little interactive fun.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone, but I did my homework. I actually found several sites with ideas for fun bookstore dates, but one of my favorite resources for things like this came through once again – the Dating Divas. Rather than just using their printable, I decided to create my own version.


Luckily, my hubby doesn’t mind the occasion typo.

Roses are sometimes red,
And violets are usually blue,
There’s a million and one things
In a bookstore to do!

And we’re going to do them all!

We actually had so much fun, we didn’t have time to get through all of them. Here’s a list of everything and details on the ones we completed.

1. Recipes
My husband is the chef in our house, so I thought this would be a fun way to kick off our activities. We were tasked with finding a recipe for something we’d like to cook for each other. And beyond that, we set a date to try out our new-found recipes. I went with bacon-wrapped scallops for him, and he wisely headed straight for desserts and found a great recipe for a chocolate peanut butter mug cake. Looking forward to that one!


2. Quizzes
I love a good quiz! Lately, it’s all about the online quiz, but back in the day, I was all about a quiz in a magazine. Unfortunately, the is one of the ones we decided to skip. Don’t worry; I have a few magazine subscriptions so there may be some at-home quiz-taking in our future.

3. Memories
We obviously couldn’t pay the bookstore a visit and not swing by the children’s section. But this time, we were there for ourselves and not Miles. We split up and each found a book that reminded us of our childhood to share with each other. My earliest memory of a book was Amelia Bedelia – and a joke about her literally “hitting the road.” David’s pick was decidedly more him: “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” Okay, yeah, we got Miles a little something, too.


4. Jokes
Speaking of Miles, we’ve got a regular comedian on our hands with this kid. Even if they don’t always make sense, he loves to make up and tell us jokes. Well, mainly I think he loves to make us laugh, but still. We headed over to the humor section and each picked out a couple some jokes to tell each other. It’s always fun to laugh together, and I’m pretty sure this was my husband’s favorite task of the night. He would pick that one…


5. Vacation
Pretty early on in our relationship, David and I put together a list of places we wanted to visit together. I’m happy to say that we’ve made a dent in that list, but there are still so many things to see! In the Travel section, we were each supposed to a favorite and talk about our dream vacations for a bit. Unsurprisingly, David went straight for the books on Hawaii. I, on the other hand, spent the time circling the section looking for their books on the South Pacific. I guess we both long for a little island getaway.

6. Poems
There’s a long-running joke between my husband and I. Whenever he tells me that he’s bored or has nothing to do, I recommend that he use his spare time to write me a poem. That never actually happens, but it’s probably a lot easier when you can use someone else’s words. I guess we’ll have to find out next time since this was another one we decided to cut for time.

All in all, this was SUCH a fun date! Plus, the activity itself was completely free, which is always nice. I’m really looking forward to a year of more creative dates ahead. Any ideas for us? What are some fun things to do on a date that aren’t dinner and a movie?

UPDATE: Here is the document I used. It’s a half sheet (two on a page). Unfortunately, this one’s not editable, but reach out with your contact info and I can send you the Publisher file. Happy Dating!            {{bookstore-date-night}}



5 thoughts on “Bookstore Date Night

  1. misshued says:

    This is such a fun idea! I go to Barnes & Noble quite often, and my SO loves going too, but I never thought about making it into an actual event beyond casual browsing and accidental-but-inevitable purchasing. Thanks so much!

  2. AlwaysReiding says:

    I love this idea, and I think it is a fantastic idea for my husband and I. Do you have a printable of yours available? I might like to tweak it, but I think this would be a good place to start.

    LOVE this… seriously.

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