Surviving Game Day


It’s that time of year again. People who possibly haven’t watched a game all season are excited for the biggest football game of the year this weekend. Your friend with the biggest television is getting the snacks ready and inviting everyone over to watch.

I actually have watched football most weekends this season, but this isn’t just any other game. It’s THE BIG GAME. Honestly, despite my watching record this season, I don’t always love having the TV tuned to football all day. Over the course of the season, though, I’ve thought about ways to make Sundays more fun for myself. And more than ever, these principles apply to Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are some ways to make the day more enjoyable!


1. Pick a team to root for!
Watching football games (or any game for that matter) is way more fun when you’re cheering someone on. Our team suffered a heartbreaking loss to Green Bay a few weeks ago, but I somehow don’t think that means we won’t be watching “the big game” this weekend. That means we get to pick someone new and go all in. Can you tell who we picked this year? Come on; aren’t you a little bored of the Patriots winning?


2. Do your homework.
There are about 45 possible penalties to be had in the NFL. You do not need to know what they all are. At the same time, you don’t want to be that annoying person who will not stop asking questions while everyone is trying to watch the game. So, take a few minutes and at least check out the “scoring” section on Wikipedia’s [American] football page.


3. Up your (food & drink) game.
Google “snack stadium.” Yeah, there’s pretty much no chance that I’m going to make one of those, but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan for some other delicious treats. Football in our house typically means pizza and wings, possibly chips and queso. Why not step things up a bit? Take advantage of this “holiday” and make (or order – ain’t no shame!) some of your favorites.


4. Follow along on Twitter.
No matter how exciting OR boring something is (think reality TV or awards show), Twitter is always there to make things more entertaining. Whenever I’m watching something that’s losing my interest, I know I can turn to Twitter to liven things up.

Do you have any ideas for how to enjoy the big game? Favorite snacks? Anyone I should follow on Twitter?

Football fan or not, make this Sunday great!


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