Stitch Fix: February 2017


It’s been a few months since my last delivery from Stitch Fix. I figured with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it would be the perfect time to treat myself.

Since my last box, I took it upon myself to find my own Chelsea boots and leather jacket…leaving this one open for a little more fun. I let my stylist know that I was still on the hunt for leopard flats and work clothes, and that I was also interested in stepping up my jewelry collection.


Ask and you shall receive.


I have been asking for leopard flats for a while, and I finally got some. I was kind of hoping for a more refined pair like these that I found on Pinterest, but they’re still cute so I gave them a shot.

I’ve been trying to up my style game as of late, paying more attention to my “look” – both what it is and what I want it to be. Unfortunately, these just didn’t quite fit what I’m going for (something a little more sophisticated) – a pointier toe or a patent detail, maybe an orsay. Just not quite right. Verdict: RETURNED


Have I mentioned that Valentine’s Day is my favorite? More on that next week, but with it coming up I knew I wanted a cute new date night dress. I don’t tend to go for lace, but I was excited to try this one on. It basically screams Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the shape of this one, but I always try everything on. It was one I was on the fence about. But I saw myself in pictures and all I could focus on was my boobs. I think it might be more my own issues than the dress itself, but regardless I decided against it. Verdict: RETURNED


When I completed my style profile back when I signed up for Stitch Fix, I made sure to let my stylist know that I preferred to wear a regular bra. So, imagine my surprise to find this little off-the-shoulder number in my latest box.

I have a girls’ weekend coming up and requested a fun top for that. I know showing off the shoulders is very on trend right now, but I just can’t. How do you get it to stay off-the-shoulder? Any time I moved, I had to readjust it. Plus, the whole strapless bra thing just isn’t for me. On top of that, the thin, billowy fabric was really unflattering on me. Verdict: RETURNED


Aside from the couple of special occasions I have coming up, I’m still very focused on bulking up my work wardrobe. One thing I asked for in that vein was a new blazer. The fabric of this one makes it work-appropriate, but slightly less formal (and as such weekend-ready as well).

I love a grey sweater and thought this would be a pretty versatile piece. I was close to keeping it too, but while it looked great open, it was really tight and bunchy when I buttoned it. I might regret it, but… Verdict: RETURNED


Looking at the picture I got when my shipment was confirmed, my initial reaction was that it reminded me of a gypsy – like Esmeralda in Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” What can I say? I think I have to ease in to a piece like this. It feels so much since most of the jewelry I wear is dainty.

I tried it on with a few different things, though, and actually kind of love it. It’s definitely not something I’d go for on my own, but I’ve been wanting to step up my jewelry a bit since my close tend to be neutral. I’m taking a risk! Verdict: KEPT


Once again, I’m taking a bit of a break from Stitch Fix. My next one is scheduled to arrive in time for my birthday in July. I’ve been putting more thought into what I wear and how I want to look/feel. So, I’m putting a pause on any clothes shopping until I can figure out what I want.

Until then…

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