Help Me Understand.

As an American with the teensiest sliver of historical knowledge (I won’t lie to you; US History was the only class I ever received a failing grade in.), I have to be supportive of any and all peaceful protests. Heck, our country was literally founded on the back of one (See: Boston Tea Party).

The issue lately has become the peaceful part of those protests. Granted, that Tea Party I just mentioned involved the destruction of property, too; somehow that seems more calculated than a lot of the broken windows that seem to have become a common part of modern day protests. Maybe that’s just in hindsight, and one day future generations will say the same of our windows.

I’ve also seen a lot of people who have never really done so in the past posting on politics lately (myself included). In response, I’ve seen other posts pleading people to stop posting on politics. But it kind of begs the question, why now? Why, when I’ve been voting since I was 18, is now the first time I have felt so strongly about the state of affairs as to post on it at least weekly since the most recent presidential election? (And honestly, if I felt more educated on the matter, I would likely post even more.)

I understand that very few (if any?) minds are changed based on a tweet or Facebook post or, heck, even a blog post like this, but I will never think that means it’s time to give up trying. I have yet to see an honest conversation between opposing parties that doesn’t very quickly devolve into insults and name-calling. Why is that? Does anyone know?

I won’t ever say that every Trump supporter is a horrible person, or that every Clinton/Sanders/Stein supporter is right on all counts. I think it’s fair to say there are flaws and merits in both sides…or at least in the basic tenets of both sides.

But here’s where I’m at. I’m going to be honest, completely aware that it will not sit well with everyone.

I don’t like Trump. 

I just don’t. I never felt very strongly one way or the other about him before this election, never gave him much thought at all. When he first popped up as a potential Republican nominee, I kind of laughed it off, not really taking it seriously…and then it was.

While I completely understand why some people accept and even appreciate his extreme candor, the same thing that appeals to so many of his supporters is the red flag that started making me question him.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have no problem with honesty. What I take issue with is rudeness and arrogance and disrespect. I’m no “snowflake” as some conservatives have taken to calling liberals, but there has to be a line somewhere. Doesn’t there? If not, why can Trump get away with saying the insane things he says, while his adversaries are lambasted for declaring their opposition? Does this figurative line move?

Beyond that, I think everyone can agree that he is not strictly qualified for the position of president. While he does hold an undergraduate degree in economics, he has no political experience at all. I understand many see that as a plus, having not been “tainted” by Washington. To a degree, sure. But, call me crazy, I think the president of our country should at least have some cursory knowledge about how the government has been working to this point.

I fully support his wanting to do what’s best for this country, but is that really what he’s doing? Signing the most executive orders in the first month of office doesn’t really amount to much when literally the majority of Americans don’t agree with those orders.

From my albeit inexpert perspective, on top of everything else (and in my opinion, most importantly), the same president who claims to want to unite this country seems to have bred the most divisive America I have seen in my lifetime.

Everything I’ve seen him do and say thus far seems to no service other than self-promotion (we get it; whatever facts/numbers/pictures say, Trump believes he’s the best thing since sliced bread) and fear-mongering, and unfortunately in a world more connected than ever, building a wall around America (both literally and figuratively) just doesn’t seem like a viable, positive option.

And shall we discuss the “fake news”? All of a sudden, every single respected news outlet that dares question our new commander is declared to be unreliable. Again, why now? If these long-revered venues have been pedaling lies, why has no one been crying “fake” until now? Because honestly, if they’ve been lying all along, that would have been good to know.

So, here’s my plea. I don’t mean this disrespectfully or sarcastically in any way, but to all you Trump supporters out there: WHY? I don’t want to be told why the other candidates were bad; we should all be past that by now. Why do you support him now, and why should I consider following suit?

I want to support our elected president, I really do. But as it stands, I can’t. Convince me?

P.S. I know “mom bloggers” typically keep it zipped about heavier things like politics, and I understand why. I guess this just seems important enough to break some rules over.

P.P.S. I sincerely hope to get some replies and start some real discussion, but I will not hesitate to ignore and/or delete anything that I deem insulting/unproductive/irrational… from either side of the coin. This is my blog, and I reserve that right.

3 thoughts on “Help Me Understand.

  1. Tom Fowler says:

    Many of the Trump “supporters,” aside from those on the far right, considered him the lesser of two poor choices. Add to that the annoying presence of the electoral college, and we have a president who should not be where he is, and would not be except for very unusual circumstances which go beyond bizarre. I stated publicly on Facebook that, although I am a known liberal, am willing to give him a chance. The events of the first month of his presidency have taxed and tested that, but I hate to give up on anybody this soon. But, he has has raised the hopes and dreams of a lot of people who have every right to expect him deliver, and all we have seen so far is chaos and childlike petulance.

  2. Liz T says:

    I definitely want to see the answers to this question as well. Genuinely, without malice. Thank you for breaking out of the mold and saying what you feel needs to be said! Guess what, your feeling is spot on. It does need to be said. These questions need to be asked. Great post!!!

  3. Carolyn Sue says:

    Amen Sister! I’m pretty sure you were in my head writing my same thoughts and feelings. Can’t wait to see the answers to these questions.

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