Getting Ladies Weekend Ready


When it came time to choosing the location of our next Ladies Weekend, we made our way around the country (and even outside the country at one point) before finally making our pick.


After last year’s trip, we decided on New Orleans. It was touted on several sites as a top spot for a girls’ trip, and it’s pretty well-known as one of the biggest party towns around. A few months into planning, I was having a hard time coming with things other than drinking and inhaling beignets that I wanted to do there, so it was back to the drawing board.


Next up, we took a closer look at Las Vegas. Sure, it’s another party town, but there is also A TON of other stuff to do there. We even came up with a list of activities – including ATVs in the desert, one of the Cirque du Soleil shows, and crashing a wedding (because everyone needs bridesmaids). Unfortunately, the end of last year proved to be a bit stressful, and the nonstop pace of Sin City somehow lost its appeal.

We needed something more relaxing. Naturally, our eyes turned to the tropics. I found an amazing deal on a hotel in Cancun, but the airlines just weren’t as cooperative, and we were quickly priced out.

What’s a group of gals to do?


Head to Miami of course!

I grew up in Miami, and it’s the perfect combination of lively nightlife and gorgeous beaches. On top of that, flights to South Florida are almost always affordable and there is plenty  of room in my childhood home to save us even more on accommodations. Jackpot!

Once we finally settled on a destination, it was time to get to work – first, looking for the best in drinks, dining, and activities for us, and then planning a packing list!

Here are some of the items I decided were must-haves for a successful ladies weekend in Miami…

(1) Bathing Suit


I don’t love the ocean. I know. It’s almost sacrilege having grown up in South Florida, but it’s true. I went to the beach a lot in high school, but would mainly only find myself in the water as a temporary relief from the scorching heat. Nonetheless, a cute bathing suit is basically the Miami Beach uniform – even if you have zero intention of doing any swimming.

Other than my Speedo-like one that I use for swimming laps in our neighborhood pool, I hadn’t bought a swimsuit SINCE BEFORE MY HONEYMOON ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO. Since getting married, we’ve traveled plenty – Vegas, London, Paris, Alaska…but nowhere that involved swimming.  Also since getting married (and having a kid), my body has changed quite a bit (duh), making swimsuit shopping fall somewhere between missing a flight and visiting the dentist on my list of fun activities.

But dangit, this is Ladies Weekend, and I want to look cute! I turned to FigLeaves to find something I knew would fit my chest, and found this gem for more than half off. Score! The floral design and cute back (which you can see if you click on it) keep it fun, and the higher neck and tummy control ensure that I won’t be tugging at it all day. Double score!

(2) Sunglasses


I have worn glasses since college. I’ve tried contacts a few times since, mainly for formal occasions, but I’ve mostly embraced my four-eyes status. Even still, it wasn’t until last summer that I finally sprung for prescription sunglasses. Let me tell you, they were worth every penny.

Prescription or not, another part of that Miami Beach uniform is definitely sunglasses. The sun seems extra bright down there, and you’ll see everything from luxury branded Gucci’s and Chanel’s to $10 shades from the drugstore. I decided on a very similar pair to those pictured above – simple, classic aviators from Coach.

(3) “Going Out” Clothes


I’m well into my thirties, but I absolutely remember shopping for “going out” clothes in college. Don’t you? Well, if you’re in Miami those very specific articles of clothing are a necessity until much later in life…always if you’re so inclined. While the daytime is meant for short shorts and swimsuits, night brings the glamour in Miami.

Never one to overspend on clothes, I did my best to pull together a suitable look for our big night on the town. I started with my favorite Steve Madden pumps and a pair of satin-y black joggers from H&M’s Conscious Collection, and went from there. I filled in the gaps with borrowed sparkly top and VOILA! I am party-ready!

I’m usually a really meticulous packer, but these items jumped out as Miami-mandatory. Have you been to Miami lately? Is there something I’m forgetting?


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