Pre-School Spirit Week


I vaguely remember Spirit Week being a thing when I was in high school, but my son’s pre-school strikes again and let me know that his class of four and five year-olds would be having a spirit week of their own. Seriously?


Sure, it’s now masquerading as something way fancier — The National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) Week of the Young Child — but all I know is that it meant having to come up with unique and creative outfits for five days straight.


I love my son and I love his school, but stuff like this gives the competitive mom in me severe anxiety. I know that’s horrible, but this is my safe space. All I know is when I was handed this flyer at the end of March, my wheels started turning and touch pad on my MacBook heated up as I made my way through Pinterest. I ended up keeping things pretty simple, but still!


MONDAY: Disco Monday


Officially “Music Monday,” my son’s school decided to go more niche and pick a genre of music to focus on. And since there was no way I was buying bell-bottoms in a 4T, this was the best I could do. Amazon (and a good-old fashion peace sign) to the rescue!

TUESDAY: Sports Day


“Tasty Tuesday” is actually meant to promote healthy eating habits. Taking their own spin on the healthy theme, here we are. Luckily, we are definitely a football household…which means Miles has had a jersey in his size basically since birth. (Sorry for the dark picture; it basically rained all day.)

WEDNESDAY: Crazy Dress


This one was a bit of a stretch from the cooperation-minded “Work Together Wednesday,” but this was by far the easiest of the days so we rolled with it.  Pretty much, I found the pieces of clothing that went together least and threw them all into one ensemble of epic proportion.

THURSDAY: Artsy Thursday


The only day exactly matching the official NAEYC flyer, this one also proved the most challenging. We woke up on Thursday morning, and I still had no idea what I was going to put him in. Luckily, Miles mentioned a “crazy hat” theme had been mentioned. I don’t know what qualifies as a crazy hat, so we just went with one of his faves: Thomas the Tank Engine.

FRIDAY: Turtle Back Zoo


This was meant to be “Family Friday,” which is somewhat ironic because when I volunteered to chaperone my son’s field trip to a local zoo, it was too late and the bus was full. Be that as it may, I remember always LOVING field trips. So, I made sure Miles was dressed comfortably and packed his lunch – it was awesome, according to him.

All kidding aside, I do love a good theme party week. But are these really for the kids? Because I’m pretty sure, other than the field trip, this was just another week to my son and the rest of his class. It seems to me like just another way to drive parents a little crazy.

Do you remember your last spirit week? Have your kids had one yet? Any favorite days?

2 thoughts on “Pre-School Spirit Week

  1. Arlene Alvira says:

    I loved Disco Monday and Crazy dress day’s picture..LOL
    I do not remember spirit week being any sooner than middle school in my house. Everyone tries to speed life up so much that I guess it makes sense that it would be in Pre-school by now.

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