Vulture Festival: B**** Sesh LIVE


Subscription emails. You know the ones. Mine start in the early morning with The Skimm and end right before bed with The Stylecaster Daily. And in between? Everything from PureWow to AFAR to PopSugar (Celebrity & Entertainment and The Latest for Moms).

One of the latest additions to my daily email reading is Vulture, “the entertainment destination from the team behind New York magazine, a beacon for passionate fans who want a smart, comprehensive take on the world of culture and offers around-the-clock, wall-to-wall coverage of movies, TV, music and beyond…”

On a whim, I decided to sign up for their Vulture Insides Facebook Group, and it’s been great. Granted, I’m not in that world nearly as deep as some people, but it’s nice to be able to chat with those who are into the same things. It’s mostly TV talk on there, but still.

At any rate, Vulture hosts a “pop-culture event extravaganza” featuring everything from a wine tasting with Titus Burgess (hello, Pinot/Peeno Noir) to a table read with the cast of Love.

So, which event did I decide on?



Don’t be tardy to this party! Real Housewives experts Danielle Schneider and Casey Wilson break down the latest Housewives news, as they host a live recording of their popular podcast Bitch Sesh.

I love the Real Housewives (only New York and the short-lived Miami) AND I love Casey Wilson (I’m still petitioning the return of Happy Endings), so this seemed like the perfect event for me.

And it was!

I’ll admit to have been a little disappointed when doing my homework and listening to a few episodes of the podcast (hey, I wanted to know what I was in for). It was a lot of them talking about randomness and about ten minutes of recapping the Housewives. Randomness can be pretty funny though, so I didn’t let that affect my excitement.


Casey and Danielle were joined by Brian Moylan, who writes the Real Housewives recaps for Vulture. And luckily, they spent most of the time focused on the New York Housewives…since that’s become the only one I follow. They shamed those of us who don’t watch Atlanta, so maybe I’ll revisit it.

The best part about Bitch Sesh is that you feel like you’ve just been dropped off at a friend’s house. It all feels very natural and lighthearted, just like it would over brunch with your girlfriends. Even though I ended up going by myself, I never felt weird. Funny how laughter can do that.

Another great feature of the podcast was brought to life in the live recording: Boots on the Ground, a very entertaining segment where people share their own Housewife encounters. And we had some good ones. Man, I love this city!

Overall, I had a great time, and I look forward to returning next year…with friends.


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