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While I am a big fan of my own birthday (which is in July), November has become my favorite month of the year. The weather is usually close to perfect, which means I can wear my favorite sweaters and boots without having to deal with all the other winter gear quite yet. Thanksgiving is a pretty great holiday and gives me the perfect excuse to eat nothing but amazing side items for a whole week thanks to leftovers. AND it’s my husband and my anniversary month!

As though all that stuff isn’t wonderful enough, here are a few of the other things I’m enjoying right now.

WATCHING: Riverdale on the CW

Riverdale.pngDid you ever read Archie Comics growing up? You know the ones in the supermarket checkout line? This is basically nothing like that.

Late this past spring, I was on a pretty serious TV binge, but most of my shows were not in season. I made my way over to Netflix, and, after reading some of the funniest recaps ever, decided to give Riverdale a shot.

These were characters I was familiar with in a completely different way. The show features a lot of brooding beautiful people facing some pretty dark scenarios (drugs, attempted rape, serial killers…).

It’s definitely a little darker than most of the shows I watch, but the moodiness and over-the-top-ness of the situations these teenagers find themselves in are really hard to turn off. Jingle Jangle, people!

READING: Beautiful Ruins: A Novel by Jess Walter

Beautiful RuinsAs you know, I am the recipient of many a daily newsletter (Vulture, PopSugar, PureWow, Refinery29…). Sometimes those newsletters include deals on books for my Kindle, which is how I stumbled upon this one.

Fresh from A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel, I didn’t want to lose my momentum, but none of the books on my list were getting my attention. I saw this one and figured, “Why not?”

To be completely honestly, it was slow going at first. The book has a lot of time jumps, and it took me a minute to get the timeline straight. However, it completely hooked me a few chapters in. The end did feel a little rushed, and I still have some unanswered questions, but overall it was really satisfying.

LISTENING TO: Instagram Stories

Insta.png…as in, on headphones…ON MY COMPUTER! I recently opened Instagram on my web browser at work to discover that I can now watch Instagram Stories on the big(ger) screen. And that makes me so happy!

For whatever reason, I don’t love when people see me using my cell phone at work. Even though it doesn’t have an effect on my productivity, I literally have two giant computer monitors on my desk. Is that not enough?

Well, now it is! I was beginning to wonder if this update would ever come, but I am happy to report that we can now do all of my social media snooping directly on my computer.

EATING: S’Mores Brownie Pie

SmoresPie.jpgMy sweet tooth strikes again! I used to be really active on Pinterest and, as a result, I have accumulated quite a few recipes. Rather than continuing to pile them on, I’m trying to actually make some of them.

However, I am hardly Suzy Homemaker, which means I’m looking to try only the simplest recipes with the biggest ROI. I’d say this recipe courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction qualifies… with some minor edits.

Graham cracker crust? Store bought. Brownie batter? From a box.

Would it have been more delicious completely homemade? Maybe, but let me tell you, my version came out pretty darn tasty too.

WEARING: Chelsea Boots

ChelseaBootIt’s no secret that I love New York City, but London comes in at a close second. These ankle boots were a staple of British fashion in the 60’s, but I somehow just discovered them a couple of years back.

They’re basic (in a good way) and super versatile, looking just as cute with skinny jeans as they do with dresses. While you can find them in various fabrics and colors, I’m a traditionalist and opted for basic black leather.

I got my favorite pair at ASOS about a year ago and love them. That exact pair is sadly no longer available, but these are pretty similar. If you don’t already own some of these closet staples, I would highly recommend picking them up. They’re not even that expensive!

What are YOU loving right now? Anything (including, but not limited to movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, books, theater, [NYC] restaurants, recipes, clothing/accessories, websites…) I should put on my must-check-out list?

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