When I first started Stitch Fix, I went through a few stylists before being matched up with Blair. What can I say? She gets me.

This is the second fix in a row where I’ve considered keeping all five items sent to me. If I was slightly less responsible and decided not to get Christmas presents for anyone, I definitely would have. Alas, adulting…

It’s still always fun to try on new clothes. Unfortunately, this crazy time of year left me without enough time to photograph myself in everything. Check out my thoughts on the latest selections anyway.

(1) Skies Are Blue Moreen Cable Knit Cardigan


I have a very fall/winter color palette. I love wearing black (blame the New Yorker in me) and grey and most other dark, rich colors – think navy, mustard, burgundy… and hunter green. This open cardigan fit the bill.

I tried it on over a simple LBD from Old Navy and could definitely see myself wearing with a simple jeans-and-tank combo as well. In the end though, there were just other items in this box that I like better.


(2) Kut from the Kloth Brianna Skinny Pant


I had been on the hunt for a new pair of black pants for a while. My previous pair got washed a few too many times and were starting to look faded. Not a good look.

Unfortunately for the folks at Stick Fix, I had just happened upon a perfect new pair a few days before my fix arrived. And while a girl can never have too many pairs of black pants in her arsenal (that’s a thing, right?), these weren’t quite perfect enough to make the price tag worthwhile.


(3) Teeberry & Weave Folsom Textured Front Pullover


This sweater… 😍

While I loved the color, I have to admit that it didn’t catch my eye immediately out of the box. HOWEVER, the moment I put it on, I was putting together all the ways I could wear it in my head. I knew right away that if I was only going to keep one item, this would be it.

In fact, I wore it the very. next. day. to an event at my son’s school (see below), and have worn it several times since.


Verdict: KEPT

(4) Absolutely Mazzy Pullover


This sweater left me a little confused. On the one hand it was super cozy and comfy, but on the other hand I didn’t love the color or the mock neck. In my debate over whether or not to keep the entire fix this time around, this was the one item I was on the fence about. If I had kept it, it probably would have been relegated to being a layering piece for only the most brutal of winter days.

At the end of the day, this was the item I was the least upset about having to send back. We can do better.


(5) MIA Juliana Printed Faux Leather Flat


And speaking of doing better…

Once I finally found my leather jacket, my main pursuit shifted to a pair of leopard print flats. This is not Blair’s first attempt to find me a pair, and we’re definitely getting warmer, but I’m looking for a truer leopard print.

Aside from that, these were actually pretty hard to let go of since they’ve been the closest to what I want that I’ve found so far.



Stitch Fix is fun. And if you haven’t tried it, why not now? Depending on your budget, they have some pretty great options, and $20 for each fix scheduled as you see fit doesn’t seem too risky to me. Yes, if you click through from here, I’ll get a credit, but YOU’ll also get your first fix for FREE. Win-win!

I’ve cut back on my deliveries to just three times a year, but who knows? It might be your new favorite thing. See you back for another review in February!

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