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Now that I’ve gotten into a rhythm with Stitch Fix, I forget that they’re even scheduled until I get that delightful email saying they’ve begun to pull items for me. I decided to schedule the shipments around my three favorite things: my birthday in July, the fall in November, and… Valentine’s Day!

For this latest fix, I didn’t have as many specific pieces in mind. My sister gifted me those elusive leopard flats I’ve been looking for, so I didn’t have as targeted a search happening. Instead, I asked for jeans (to replace a pair that’s worn and on the verge of not being wearable) and left the rest more open – flats, tops, dresses…

Before I show you my goodies, here’s a quick recap of how Stitch Fix works:

Step 1: Complete an online style profile, and write your stylist a note about any specific pieces you’re looking for.

Step 2: Receive five articles of clothing (and/or accessories) in the mail on a day you designate for a $20 styling fee.

Step 3: Keep what you love; send back what you don’t. Remember those $20? You can use that as credit towards anything you decide to hang on to.

BONUS: If you click through here to schedule your first fix, I get a credit AND they’ll waive your first styling fee, basically making trying Stitch Fix out completely risk-free.

Without further ado…

(1) Vince Camuto Torlissi Leather Gem Mule

IMG_7481 IMG_7634

I have to be honest; I just do not get the mule trend that seems to be so big right now. I never had any interest in getting a pair, and was less than thrilled to see these arrive in my latest shipment. On the flip side, I was intrigued. My sister has sang the mules’ praises, and these were actually pretty cute.

Unfortunately, I could feel my feet getting sweaty after wearing them for just a few minutes around the house. Cute as they were, I knew they wouldn’t last long considering the amount of walking I do.


(2) Liverpool Tinsley High-Rise Skinny Jean

IMG_7482 IMG_7863

In a previous fix, I received a pair of jeans that, while darker than I was looking for, was too comfortable not to keep. Unfortunately, I’m thinking that comfort had to do with the thinness of the fabric that has started to wear so much in the inner thigh area that holes are forthcoming and it’s about time to retire them…which is why I requested another pair of jeans now.

I like a good, dark wash, but once again these were just a bit too dark. Plus, they weren’t quite right. I feel about jeans the same way I do about right and wrong: you just know. And I knew pretty soon after slipping into these that they weren’t for me.


(3) Margaret M Maya Knit Dress

IMG_7484 IMG_7914

This dress really piqued my interest when I first saw it. As you will recall, Valentine’s Day is my favorite, and I have been looking for a new dress for it. I loved the color, and the floral/leaf pattern was unique. Plus, the shape is different than anything else I’ve ever gotten from them, so I was curious to try it on.

Once I had it on, I liked it but didn’t love it. If I had had more time to mull it over, I may have ended up keeping this one. I can see myself wearing with a jean jacket to brunch or under a blazer or cardigan for work. But again, it was just pretty good, and I’m only here for clothes that make me feel awesome.


(4) Kaileigh Dotty Knit Dress

IMG_7485 IMG_7926

Um, no. I wasn’t unto this dress at all. While I always appreciate a dress I can wear a normal bra with and the black and white pattern should be right up my alley, this dress did nothing for me. I always promised myself I would try every piece I received on, so I did.

Again, the picture makes it look much cuter than how I saw it in person. The material felt kind of cheap, and it was a cut that I don’t usually find myself reaching for – though I must admit it’s pretty flattering. We can do better.


(5) Papermoon Reese Mixed Material Top

IMG_7486 IMG_7759

I basically always keep at least one item from my fixes (why waste that styling fee?), and when I opened the latest shipment, I figured this would be my fallback. Black – check. Work-Appropriate – check. Reasonably priced – check.

While it definitely isn’t the most adventurous choice, it fits into my wardrobe perfectly, and I’ve already worn in twice since I got it.

Verdict: KEPT

When it comes down to it, Stitch Fix is just fun. I can’t see myself ever walking into a department store and having a personal shopper waiting with pieces for me to try on (for several reasons), but this is a pretty great alternative.

My next fix is already scheduled for around my birthday in July. What occasion could you use some new clothes for? Why not give Stitch Fix a try?

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