2018 is in full swing, and even though January felt like it would never end (does that make it the month version of Monday?), we’re almost through February and I’m feeling good about the rest of the year to come. That could be because the wonderful world of entertainment has not been disappointing lately.

WATCHING: Celebrity Big Brother on CBS

Celebrity-Big-BrotherRemember that perfect storm of reality shows I mentioned last month? Well, CBS has done it again with this mid-season iteration of Big Brother, featuring the most random assortment of not-quite-A-list celebs.

Shannon Elizabeth (of American Pie fame) was the clear early frontrunner, but apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so since the rest of cast rallied to get her out last week.

It’s an accelerated season, so there’s almost always an episode on my DVR. And the already-dramatic antics of “normal” cast members are turned up to eleven with this group that includes Ross Matthews, Brandi Glanville, and Omarosa Manigault.

READING: How We Love by Milan and Kay Yerkovich

HowWeLoveHe’s a pastor and counselor; she’s a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. They combined their powers to write this book, where they describe the various relationship styles most common in people.

While, like any books that cover this sort of thing, it’s hard to cleanly put a real person into just one category. It was still a super interesting read.

The book helps you take an honest look at how your past has shaped how you handle conflict now, and similarly creates understanding for others… since you never know what they have been through or how is has shaped them. Heavy, but really good.

If you find yourself having the same arguments over and over again, it may be worth picking up a copy, or at least taking the quiz online to help determine your dominant style.

LISTENING TO: Anna Faris is Unqualified


I’ve listened to a few episodes of Where Should We Begin? and Terrible, Thanks for Asking, but they were a little heavy for me. I listened to S—Town and didn’t love it. Season one of Serial was good. Season two? Not so much.

I finally realized that I needed to take a break from all that seriousness in favor of something (a) a little more lighthearted and (b) that didn’t require a huge commitment. I landed on Unqualified.

Admittedly, I am #TeamChris in regards to her recent divorce (even though I legitimately have no idea why they split up…), but it’s undeniable that Anna Faris is pretty darn entertaining. Plus, she has a slew of funny guests and amusing segments that make this basically an audio talk show.

I have to say the Nick Jonas episode was one of my favorites.

EATING: Lobster Mac & Cheese


I’m pretty sure this is the first time my “eating” hasn’t included some kind of dessert. You know what, though? This skillet lobster mac and cheese was just as indulgent.

Valentine’s Day fell on a Wednesday this year, so my husband and I decided to save our date out for another night and instead enjoyed a couple of steaks along with this delightful dish.

The mac and cheese itself is one my hubby’s signature dishes, and it’s the perfect grown up version, including four kinds of cheese. Add in chopped up lobster meat, and well, Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

WEARING: Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans


Somer Flaherty says it best in The Book of Styling: An Insider’s Guide to Creating Your Own Look:

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is like scoring front-row tickets for your favorite band from a radio call-in show—it’s not impossible, but you definitely need a bit of luck and perseverance.

“Perfect” varies by age and trend. Don’t lie; you know you rocked Lucky Brand Lil Maggie jeans like the rest of us. Right now, though, these Levi’s skinny jeans are rocking my world. The cut is flattering without being too tight, and the short length is perfect for this flats-loving gal.

I currently have them in black and will be adding another pair to my collection any day now.

What are YOU loving right now? Anything (including, but not limited to movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, books, theater, [NYC] restaurants, recipes, clothing/accessories, websites…) I should put on my must-check-out list?

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