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Gosh, I don’t even know where to start this. Monday was the first time in a long time that I have felt really overwhelmed. And that really says a lot considering what the past year of my life has been like.

I’ve shared in passing that 2017 was a rough year, and while 2018 has been a vast improvement, it hasn’t been without its ups and downs as well. Maybe it’s time to actually tell you why.

For a little over a year, my husband has been battling alcohol addiction. I mean, he’s been drinking since he was a teenage, but the attempts at recovery began early last year. Maybe some other time I’ll detail the journey so far, but I mention that to say that if I’ve been able to power through that… why am I just now starting to feel a little crazed?

Part of our journey has included counseling – mostly for him, but also for us as a couple, and beginning last week, for me.

It turns out that was something I didn’t think I needed, but definitely do.

I have some amazing friends, but unfortunately, due to the transient nature of NYC, my closest aren’t in town anymore. I do still talk to them, and they are aware of my struggles, but there’s something different about being to meet up with someone in a moment of need. I didn’t realize that until I sat on that little couch and was able spill my guts for a solid hour.

Being a working-outside-the-home mom who also writes for two blogs, sings at church, and is trying to build an annual retreat, I’m used to being busy. I suppose you don’t notice how much you need to unload until you actually get to do it.

And now? I’m not sure.

I know I’ve talked about therapy before, but I didn’t stick with it then for whatever reason. I think I might settle into it a little more this time around. A girl’s gotta talk!

Have you every tried any kind of counseling? How long did you go? Did it help? How did you know you ready to stop when you did? I have so. Many. Questions.

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