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Ladies and gents, it’s almost one of my favorite times of the year: Ladies Weekend!

A lot of people out there have written/spoken about the importance of female friendships, myself included. No matter what stage of life, there is something special about taking a break from the day-to-day to spend time with other women. And whether the time away includes adventure or several days of lounging around, it serves as a rejuvenation for the soul.

In just a few days, my friends and I will embark on our third annual weekend away. Since we started this wonderful tradition, we’ve figured out some basics.


(1) It’s okay not to invite everyone.

Does that sound all “you can’t sit with us”? I don’t mean it to, but it’s just true; not everyone is meant to travel together. The sooner you figure out the dynamics and personalities, the better. The ladies I travel with and I discovered pretty quickly that we strike a really good balance of over-planning (me), spontaneity (Liz), and compromise (Erin). At least for now, this works for us.


(2) Make it a priority.

The unfortunate truth is that life is hard. Our very first ladies weekend came because of just that. Things were tough for us at the time, and we needed a little break. I don’t think we ever intended for it to become a tradition, but it has really become something I look forward to every year. As such, it means I have to prioritize it and save accordingly throughout the year. Speaking of…

2Misc (3)

(3) Be honest about finances.

We decided right up front that spending time together would always be more important than making it to some exotic destination. We keep a wish list of places we’d like to make it to someday, but we are always willing to amend our plans to ensure we can enjoy ourselves AND not be stressed the entire time.

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(4) Collaboration is key.

While we try to play to each other’s strengths when it comes to planning, it’s also really important to keep everyone’s interests in mind. Depending on the destination and the length of the trip, we’ll either pick the top thing or two we each want to do (like for a day at Disney World) or pick a town to plan for (like for this year’s road trip).

4Misc (4a).jpg

(5) Don’t over plan.

If you’re anything like me, you want to get the most of any trip. But something I’ve learned over the past few years is that sometimes the best things happen in those moments you weren’t planning for. As tempting as it might be to plan out your trip down to the minute (no? just me?), fight the urge and leave room for spontaneity.

And with that I leave you… to go pack for Ladies Weekend 2018! Stay tuned over the next few weeks for details on our latest adventure, and be sure to follow along on Instagram stories.


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