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July has been a bit of a blur.

I fell way behind on the blog… and got all caught up this week (hooray!). My hubby is dealing with recovering from pretty major foot surgery. My birthday came and went. And we officially postponed our Disney trip (due to the aforementioned surgery).

August is around the corner, which means September is right around THAT corner, which means Back to School and FALL!!!

Am I getting ahead of myself? Here’s what I’ve been enjoying in July.

WATCHING: Quantico on ABC

Quantico.jpegI got hooked on this show pretty early on, and I assumed when our heroine and her leading man got on an airplane and flew off into the sunset, the show was over.


This (now final season) starts after a small time jump, and now said leading man is married to a different FBI agent and the leading lady is leaving in a rural Italian town with a man and his daughter?

I still really enjoy the show, but much like Once Upon a Time, the show should have ended a season earlier.

BUT the next two episodes are being billed as the official series finale, so we’ll see how they wrap this up… again.

READING: “The Big Book” AKA Alcoholics Anonymous

AA.jpgMy husband has been battling alcoholism for a long time. There, I said it. Over the course of the past year and a half, he has really stepped up his efforts in facing what has been an issue for a long time.

There have been trips to the hospital, stints in rehab (both in- and out-patient), and many, MANY meetings with doctors and counselors.

Naturally, AA has been a part of the process. And in an effort to better understand what he’s experiencing (and at his request), I have decided to take on this tome for myself.

I’m focusing on the stories of other alcoholics for now. It’s supremely sad and at the same time, it’s providing a lot of hope. So many people out there have been able to overcome this. Why not us?

LISTENING TO: CSI: Miami reruns

CSIMiami.jpgI work in a press office. As such, we have several TVs tuned into various news networks airing all day.

Everyone is welcome to their own opinions, but I literally cannot with the current president. Literally, I have a physical reaction whenever I hear him speak – and not a good one.

So… I open another window on my computer, pop in an earbud (never two, that’s just rude), and play reruns of whatever show is on, just to drown out the other sounds.

Lately, it seems like more often than not those reruns have been of old CSI: Miami episodes. That’s right; David Caruso and his simultaneous one liners/sunglass removing shenanigans are protecting me from the garbage coming out of the White House every day. So, thanks for that, WeTV.

EATING“Fried” Food

Fryer.jpgThat’s right; we got an air fryer!

I was a little weary of spending the money on yet another small appliance–hey, our little kitchen is pretty full as it is!–but I’m actually really enjoying having it.

I try to avoid fried food, especially at home. This guy has opened up a world of new at-home options that have the wonderful crunch of fried food, without the whole steeped-in-oil thing.

My favorite so far has been just traditional french fries, but I’m looking forward to cooking other things in it. Did you know you can make desserts in it?!

HELP. And by help, I mean send recipes. K, thanks.

WEARING: #NSale Finds

Nordstrom.jpgAs you may know, I’m not a huge clothes shopper. I mean, I love it; don’t get me wrong. But I tend to wear a lot of basics, and just don’t need a lot of new stuff all the time.

Enter the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

It’s true; I set my alarm for 4am when the sale went live, and had my wish list ready to go. I’ve actually only received one of the items I ordered, but I’m really excited to get/try on the rest.

I anticipate having to return some/most of the items, but it’s worth a big try-on sesh when pieces are discounted this much. The sale continues for another week, and items are restocked regularly. I’m hoping to get everything soon, so I can make any necessary exchanges before then.

What are YOU loving right now? Anything (including, but not limited to movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, books, theater, [NYC-area] restaurants, recipes, clothing/accessories, websites…) I should put on my must-check-out list?

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