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Today is the last day of my birthday month. Yes, it’s a month-long affair. Part of my celebration has become getting a box from Stitch Fix, and this year was no different.

For this latest fix, I had a few things I was looking for. First, I asked for a specific pair of espadrilles from Sole Society. Then, I requested more broadly for a chambray shirt and a pair of grey work pants. I left the last two spots open for a random top and dress of my stylist’s choosing.

Before I show you what I received, here’s a quick recap of how Stitch Fix works:

Step 1: Complete an online style profile, and write your stylist a note about any specific pieces you’re looking for.

Step 2: Receive five articles of clothing (and/or accessories) in the mail on a day you designate for a $20 styling fee.

Step 3: Keep what you love; send back what you don’t. Remember those $20? You can use that as credit towards anything you decide to hang on to.

BONUS: If you click through here to schedule your first fix, I get a credit AND they’ll waive your first styling fee, basically making trying Stitch Fix out completely risk-free.

Without further ado…

(1) Alisson Chambray Top (Skies are Blue)


I had a chambray shirt for a long time that I wore with some regularity. After a few washes, though, the pockets became a bit unruly and it shrank enough that it wasn’t as comfortable as it was at first. So, I requested a new one. This is not the first attempt, but rather the first one after I got more specific: not buttoned all the way down, no flaps on the pocket. It took so long to find a chambray shirt that I liked (and I did like it), that I realized it’s not really a part of my style anymore.


(2) Melina Straight Leg Pant (Lila Ryan)


I’d like to begin by saying that these may have been the softest pants I have ever tried on. That being said, no. This has been something of a recurring issue with my fixes; they just felt kind of cheap. I know that I have my price points set as low as possible, but I am willing to pay for quality and have said as much. These pants fit me strangely, were tight in the wrong places, and had an odd length – I even tried rolling them up!


(3) Ampton Back Detail Knit Top (Papermoon)


Much like in my last shipment, this was the clear choice for me. The top was soft, fit me just right, and was super affordable. Plus, the detail in the back makes it just interesting enough to not be just another casual t-shirt. The only major downside of this shirt is that is does wrinkle very easily. Luckily, it’s machine-washable/dry-able, so there goes that issue. In other news, Papermoon is winning Stitch Fix for me.

Verdict: KEPT

(4) Christelle Button Down Blouse (Fortune & Ivy)


I felt pretty neutral about this shirt when I saw it. The pattern definitely works with my current wardrobe, but I’m usually wearing of button down tops due to the inevitable puckering I experience around the chest. Unfortunately, I had that very problem with this one. I didn’t love it enough to begin with for it to be worth asking for a size up and dealing with alterations, so back it went.


(5) Nahara Shirt Dress (41Hawthorn)


Nope. I could have told you that as soon as I saw the picture in my handy Stitch Fix app. This dress was not for me. But I dutifully tried it on just to be sure my initial thoughts were right. The roll-up sleeves are about the only thing I was okay with. But the collar? The corset tie? Even the color? Swing and a miss.


When it comes down to it, Stitch Fix is fun even if I don’t end up keeping most of the pieces I get. I can’t see myself ever walking into a department store and having a personal shopper waiting with pieces for me to try on (for several reasons), but this is a pretty great and affordable alternative.

My next fix is already scheduled for my favorite time of year – FALL! That means sweaters, and I can’t wait. What occasion could you use some new clothes for? Why not give Stitch Fix a try?

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