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Now that the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has officially come to a close, my credit card can take a breather for a bit. That, and I can finally share all the goodies I came away with.

I am by no stretch of the imagination a fashion blogger, but I feel like I’m finally coming into my own when it comes to my personal style. And I’m really excited about the pieces I’ve added to my closet, especially with the transition from summer to fall right around the corner.

There were purchases. There were returns. There were gifts. But these are the latest additions to my wardrobe.

(1) Trouve Side Slit Sweater

Trouve Side Slit Sweater

Haven’t you heard? I never met a grey sweater I didn’t like. There were a few options on my wish list, but I landed on this one after some back and forth. It’s soft and warm, but also not too thick. Plus, it’s long enough to wear with leggings and feel covered enough. If I didn’t think it would be a little weird, I probably would have gotten this in every color it comes in.

(2) Halogen V-Neck Marino Wool Cardigan

Halogen V-Neck Marino Wool Cardigan

This picture does not do it justice. After a couple of returns, I had a little money left on a gift card. And, since the closest Norstrom to me isn’t that close, I wanted to spend it before leaving the store. I scoured the sale racks and came upon this cardigan in a royal blue and this “green ultra” color. Normally, I would have gone right for the blue, but the green caught my eye, and I opted to get something a little different. It’s cute and paper-thin (read: versatile).

(3) Madewell Drawstring Track Trousers

Madewell Drawstring Track Trousers

Once upon a time, I had a pair of pants that looked very similarly to these. Then I worked on the set of a little movie called “The Greatest Showman.” Wouldn’t you know it? On the first day with actors on set, my pants ripped. You can see the proof in this Instagram post. Imagine my sheer delight when I found these almost identical pants as part of the sale. They’re super cute and they feel like pajamas on. I call that a win!

(4) Seychelles Redeem Mules

Seychelles Redeem Mule

It took me a long while to hop on board this mule trend. I have tried on a few different styles, but none of them were quite right to me. I decided to give it one last shot with these puppies from Seychelles. Finally, I get it! They’re really comfortable, and the closed toe make them basically work-appropriate flip-flops. I imagine I’ll be wearing these guys well into the fall.

(5) Blondo Lanka Waterproof Bootie

Blondo Lanka Waterproof Bootie

Yes, please, and thank you. I spent the better part of last season looking for a pair of grey booties. I am strangely particular. One heel is too tall, and another shoe is too flat. The greys are too dark or too light. There’s a weird buckle. If I’m going to buy a staple item, I want it to be perfect, and these are pretty darn close. And on top of everything, they’re waterproof. As if I wasn’t already looking forward to fall, I really can’t wait to start wearing these.

(6) Chelsea28 Leigh Faux Leather Tote & Zip Pouch

Chelsea28 Leigh Faux Leather Tote & Zip Pouch

Pardon the low-res picture here. Naturally, the gorgeous, buttery cognac version of this bag sold out. The black one is still available though, and if you’re in the market for a large tote, I highly recommend this one. I can fit everything I need for a long day in here, and I mean everything (a pair of shoes, lunch, my laptop…). I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks, but the quality seems really great so far.

Did you get anything from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary sale? Did you even know it was a thing?

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