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I was sent some samples to try at no charge, but all opinions are my own.

My favorite season is around the corner, but summer seems to be sticking around a little long this year. It’s September, and today’s high was in the 90’s! Global warming is real, folks. But I digress.

Fall might be my favorite, but there’s a lot to love about summer. One of those things for both me and (especially) my husband is grilling. Unfortunately, city living more often than not means small apartment living with little to no outdoor space… and no grill.

Always looking to spice up our generally pretty traditional menus and always willing to get a little creative, I was so excited to receive a care package from ShopRite!


First things first, doesn’t the box just feel like summer? It certainly made me want to enjoy some time in the sun with a burger in my hand. Once I opened the box, the contents made my mouth water even more.


Like I alluded to above, one food-related issue that we have in our house is getting stuck in ruts. Baked chicken with mashed potatoes is great and all, but sometimes you just want something different.

Even though I just received the box last week, we’ve already been able to incorporate all three items into our menus. We started out with the Teriyaki Marinade.


We don’t eat a ton of red meat at home, but this marinade sounded so perfect to season some steaks in. It was so good! We let the steaks soak in the flavors overnight, and the result was spectacular. It was a little sweet and a lot delicious – definitely my favorite of the three items we received.

The Herb and Garlic Marinade was also good; we used it to liven up some of that baked chicken I was getting bored with. 😉 We used the (amazing) organic ketchup on some sweet potato fries to round out the meal.

I can’t wait to keep trying these marinades on other items – teriyaki salmon, anyone?

Have you tried any of Wholesome Pantry‘s new marinades? Looking to add some new flavors to your run-of-the-mill meals? DO IT!

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