When I began to move this blog away from a sporadic journal of sorts and more to something I was committed to, I did my homework. (I always do my homework.) I learned that to be a really successful blogger, you have to be known for something. As in, “Hmm, I’d love to learn more about XYZ; let me check out Cristina’s blog!” Either that, or hustle your butt off for a steady stream of sponsored posts…which I wasn’t really interested in.

I struggled for so long to “find my niche” and be more focused, only to realize that this blog is the perfect picture of who I am – a wife and mom, but also a friend and someone who wants to continue to have a life beyond the more traditional parts of those roles.

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I’m a Christian who’s fairly active in my church, but I’m also a typical city girl – someone who wants to go out with friends and enjoy a glass of bubbly from time to time.


I love my husband and son, but Lord help me if there aren’t times they drive me completely insane. I try to keep things positive, but I also want to keep it real. Everyone knows that no one’s life is perfect.


I love to travel, but I’m on a budget. As a result, I love exploring new places and restaurants right here in New York City, and I make the most of the trips I am able to take.


I love Disney, but even after working at Walt Disney World for several years, I know that my once-every-four-years visits now hardly make me an expert.


I love all things entertainment (books, TV, movies, music, theater), but don’t ask me anything too detailed afterward; I remember in broad strokes. I like to think it’s because my mind is full of more important information, but really I just have a lousy memory.


I’m not rich, but I’m not exactly pinching pennies either. I am decidedly middle of the road – a total snob for some things (5-star restaurants and Viva paper towels) and completely okay with generic on others (oh, hello Up & Up).

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I love fashion, but I don’t spend a ton on clothes (probably less than $500 a year). I’m still working on figuring out my style, but I’m working toward “effortlessly chic.” There isn’t a grey sweater I don’t love, and skinny jeans and booties are a gift from God.

What do you want to talk about?


A more literal “About Me…”

I was born in New York City, but grew up in Miami (because my mother got sick of the brutal winters up north). Ever since graduating from high school, I’ve been ping-ponging back and forth between New York and Florida.

My husband and I met in 2005 while working for New York Stage and Film in Poughkeepsie, NY. I was stressed beyond belief, and he was all jokes. At first, I was not amused, but he was persistent and won me over in no time. What we thought would be a summer fling is still going strong. We did the long distance thing for a few months before getting engaged in the Fall of 2006 and married the next November.

 It’s been over a decade since we met, and we’re still having a great time.

Even though we had been “not preventing” for over a year, we were still a little shocked in March of 2011 when that little stick said “YES.” Miles Fowler was born on December 29 of that year, and it’s been a whole new adventure ever since.


P.S. I absolutely have nothing against doing sponsored posts. But  I only want to write about products and experiences that I really love. Target, Disney, and basically any chocolate-related brands, I’m waiting for your call.